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Strat Pickups


True Vintage White

  True Vintage

  • Built to capture the sound of 50's to early 60's strat
  • A little bright with mid-tones
  • W.L.'s favorite strat pickup
  • Good for Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock-a-billy.


  Vintage Plus

  • Built to capture the 60's strat sounds
  • Good all around sound with highs, mids, and lows
  • Excellent for American Standard replacement
  • Good for Country, Blues, and Rock.


  Blues Pickup

  • Built to capture the blues sound
  • This pickup is attack sensitive and responds to very light pick attack, as well as having a lot of snap with a heavy attack.
  • Can be mellow or bright depending on the style of play.


  Rock Pickup

  • Built for rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock.
  • Has a lot of top end and growl to allow for overdrive of amp or distortion box.
  • Good for Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock.


Tele Pickups


  True Vintage

  • Built to capture the 50's and early 60's sound.
  • Very mellow on front pickup with bright back pickup when mixed in center position gives both top end and bottom.
  • W.L.'s favorite pickup of all pickups.
  • He was a 50's tele man and captured that sound with this pickup, but with a bit more ump!.
  • Good for Country, Blues, Rock-a-billy.
large product photo   Vintage Plus

  • Built to capture the 60's tele sound.
  • Just a tad brighter on the bridge than the True Vintage and a little darker on the neck.
  • Great replacement for American Standard pickup, a good all around pickup for someone who plays a variety of styles.
  • Good for Country, Rhytym and Blues, Rock, and Blues




large product photo   True Bucker Vintage

  • Built to capture the vintage Les Paul, 335 and other guitars that used the PAF pickups.
  • Vintage sound with just a little more output than the originals.
  • Lots of top end and bottom.
  • Very attack sensitive.
  • Good for Rock, Rhtyhtm and BLues, Country, and Rock-a-billy.



large product photo   TruBucker Coil Tap

  • Built to allow front and back coil of pickups to be split and used as single coils with switching.
  • This switching allows a variation of sounds from this pickup which goes from a full blown humbucking sound to a split sound single coil sound of a strat or tele.
  • The output and attack is the same as the Trubucker Vintage.
  • Good for Rock, Rhythym and BLues, Country, and Rock-a-billy.



Reverse Winding: This is a good quality that assists the guitar in cutting down on pickup
hum especially in clubs and places that have a lot of fluorescent and neon lighting.
Makes for much more hum free sound from the guitar.

Pickup Mixing:
Different combinations of pickups used together will allow a player to get different sounds
such as and example blues in the front and center and rock in the back to give him a rock
sound and a blues sound on the other two

All humbucker pickups are designed to eliminate that constant hum found in single coil pickups.


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