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Van Zandt Pickups was started by W.L. Van Zandt in the late 1980's, but he had been repairing pickups around the Dallas/Ft.Worth area since the early 1960's. Mr. Van Zandt worked for years as a machinist and played guitar in country bands since the 1950's. He started rewinding the magnets on pickups for friends and other players, and pretty soon he had a small business going as his reputation grew by word of mouth. He would pickup broken pickups from different shops in the area and then return them, better than they were originally.

W.L. then started making a few pickups and when players heard the sound of Van Zandt's hand wound home made pickups, they wanted a set also. Being a perfectionist every detail had to be perfect from the wire, and magnets, down to the soldering, he would not sacrifice quality just to produce more pickups. He once bought a winder that would produce 6 pickups at a time, but he was not satisfied with the quality. That time saving winder was soon under a tarp in the corner of his workshop.

Mr. Van Zandt was soon making pickups full time, as word spread of the sound and quality of his pickups, he was soon selling them worldwide and became something of a celebrity in some overseas countries. The demand for his pickups caused Mr Van Zandt to bring his nephew J.D. Prince in to help meet the demand for the pickups.

W.L. Van Zandt died on February 4th 1997 at the age of 66 following heart surgery. His wife of 46 years Gloria and his nephew J.D. Prince continue making Van Zandt pickups with the same careful attention to detail that W.L. did. Mr Prince has stated,"that if we can't do it like he did. we're going to quit doing it". Those of us who personally knew and loved him, miss his easy going and kind nature, but the high standards and pride of workmanship of his pickups are a living legacy to the man.

The tradition and the legacy continues with Van Zandt pickups.

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